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Always Make A List

Even though you may be moving locally, make sure you have an inventory of all your belongings. We will always do inventory for Long Distance Moves.

Have Plenty of Supplies

If you are packing your home, purchase boxes and moving supplies 2-4 weeks before your move. Upon request, we could supply you with everything that you may need for your move. Ordering extra boxes will come in handy. 

Take a Minute to Pack

Improper packing is the most common cause of breakage and damage during moving. During the years, we have acquired plenty of packing experience. Ask us about our packing services. You will be surprised how affordable it is!

Use Wardrobe Boxes

We will loan you free wardrobe boxes. Don't waste time packing your closets. Our movers will take care your closet items to your new location

Take Care of Your Pets

If moving locally, leave your pets with a friend on moving day. Animals can become confused and frightened during a move.

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