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At Cali Movers, we offer short term or Long Term Vaulted Storage to all our customers!

What is a Vaulted Storage?

A Storage Vault is a sealed and secured wooden storage container. The dimensions of each vault container is 7 feet high x 5 feet wide x 7 feet long (245 cubic feet).

What is The Storage Process?

We will come to your home or place of business and pick up the goods you plan to store and complete and inventory list. This inventory list is signed by you and our representative, and acts as your receipt for the items you are storing. Your items will be packed using moving blankets and/or paper pads, and transported to our facility. Once in our facility, our movers will carefully load your items into the vaults. Then, the vault is sealed and labeled for reference. Once you are ready to receive your items, you can just call us to arrange the delivery date. 





Storage Access

Our Vaulted Storage is not "public storage". Our warehouse is a private facility where only our movers are allowed to work at. Removing or adding items from or to your vault is available during our business hours with 24 hours notice and will require additional labor/handling fees. 

Insurance and Liability

We offer a $0.60 per pound limit of liability as part of our standard rates. If you wish to have extra protection, please contact our partner Baker International Insurance Agency at (800)356-0099. Our Registration ID is: 19747


We require a credit card on file and we will charge your storage fees on a monthly basis every 30th of each month. 

Bulky Items 

We also offer floor storage to items that do not fit inside our vaults. This items will most likely be palatalized for easy transfer. 



In rare instances where all our vaults are in use, some or part of your belongings will be palatalized and stored in our secured facility

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